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Join Twelve Colonies!

Is there any Battlestar Galactica fans out there? Are you itching to join a BSG land community? Ever fancied taking a ride on a cylon basestar? Colonial One? Or the Galactica? If yes, twelvecolonies are waiting for you - come and join!

Tell the mods that ashimon sent you when you apply! :)
It is a set of Christmas cards that Colonel Young has received from TJ. At least that is what General O'Neill was told. And he never had the chance to read the cards. Or he would know better.

Xmas CardsCollapse )

The most poetic sci-fi episode intro

from one of the best sci-fi episode ever.

"The Angriest Angel" of Space Above and Beyond

And now something completely different!

the Stargate challenge/"land" comm ~ sign up here

Good bye, Stargateland

So Team Allies actually won the last phase of stargateland - miraculous!

And here comes a few graphics that have not been published in this journal yet!

Enjoy!Collapse )

Going Out with a Bang!

The last ever challenge of stargateland. Mini!Bang about what I love about Stargate. Colonel Young, of course. (Don't ask me how those two images of Rush sneaked in).

IconsCollapse )

Banners, Wallpaper, PostersCollapse )

Calendar 2012: Young

This is part of a stargateland challenge as well, but they are way too cool -- pardon my immodesty -- and deserve their own post. The were intended as pages of a wall calendar. July-September were made as part of the challenge. I still entertain the hope that I might add the missing months...just as I did with January.

JanuaryCollapse )

FebruaryCollapse )

MarchCollapse )

AprilCollapse )

MayCollapse )

JuneCollapse )

JulyCollapse )

AugustCollapse )

SeptemberCollapse )

Stargateland: Phase 7

Yep, yep. Another phase survived! With some success :).

This icon was made to the theme "hope" and won 2nd place in a voting by fellow stargatelanders :).

Icon series:

Stargateland: Phase 6

I need to catch up with my life. And this journal. I still have not officially closed phase 6!

Here is a few that I think is worth posting in here:

Trading CardCollapse )



Happy SGU Halloween

It comes a little late as I could not post until voting ended at stargateland.

Homage to Team Universe

Apparently, I survived phase 5 with quite a nice result, but the team structure including Team Universe did not. As a matter of fact the phase did not survive either coming to an early end.










Stargateland Recruitment


So it happens that Stargate Homeworld Command is recruiting new SG personnel, military or civilian. stargateland is recruiting new members!

We are a land community with three teams: SG1, SGA, and SGU. We are having a few challenges every week: fighitng the Goa'uld, saving Atlantis, or flying into a sun to recharge graphic, game, and writing challenges come every shape and form.

We are the middle of phase 5 and teamuniverse could especially use some new members. (Note: for practical reasons you might end up on another team -- but not matter what team you are at, you can always work on SGU stuff if you want!!)

So who is ready to go through one of these gate and blow up explore a new world?
(Yes, they all take you to a different galaxy!)